"Remember Why You Started!" - Shay Mechelle

Shay Mechelle Cosmetics was established in 2017 by CEO Shay Mechelle. With Shay Mechelle’s unique style in cosmetics, from her style of lashes to her bold, matte lipstick, she’s always been the trend setter of dramatic lashes and a good lippee. She would always get asked “where do you get that color lipstick” or “are those your real lashes”? After seeing those were the questions that most individuals would always ask, she decided to go on her own cosmetic venture with starting Shay Mechelle Cosmetics. At the startup of business, she catered to mink lashes and her bold, matte lipsticks. Like many entrepreneurs, there has been plenty trial and errors and hardships. Shay Mechelle’s motto she stood by while overcoming some of those obstacles was and is “Remember Why You Started”. With following that motto, she never gave up the opportunity of growing her business.